Is Hubspot COS suitable for your Business Website?

We did a quick review if WordPress would be good enough for your business website. There we explained why we think that WordPress is a great tool to manage your website’s content. Today, we will talk about one of the most interesting Content Optimisation Systems out there, Hubspot COS.

If you are wondering if Hubspot COS is the best solution for your business website, here are some reasons that can put you on the right track.


# Responsive out of the box

Nowadays, most of the websites are responsive since Google changed its algorithm started to ban non-mobile friendly websites into their search results. This made an explosion of websites switching from a static layout to a responsive layout that can adapt to all the different screen sizes. Hubspot COS responsiveness is built like Bootstrap column grid, 12 columns. This follows a widely adopted standard.

Every single template in Hubspot COS is build following this grid layout. You can create truly custom templates by using HTML and HubL ( templating language used ).

This is a clear advantage over other systems for the normal user that doesn’t have coding skills or a dedicated developer.

# Easy to use

This is one of the main selling points for Hubspot COS. With its template builder, you don’t even need to code. You can create from email to web pages with it.

Everything in Hubspot is being designed consistently so once you learn how to use the template building system is going to be similar to create a landing page to an email.

Also, Hubspot offers training and certifications so you will be able to learn the inside out of the system.

# Integration

Hubspot excels in this area because the numerous tools they offer. Hubspot declares that this is the All-in-One Inbound Marketing Software. These tools range from their own analytics to Lead management.

This makes Hubspot really attractive for your business if you don’t have CRM or any other marketing tools.

# Support

Another reason that using the HubSpot COS might be a great fit for you and your team is their 24/7 support team. As a web developer, one of the worst things about working with platforms like WordPress is that you can’t get support on most of the plugins that you have used for your site.


If your business has already a website in WordPress, Squarespace or another system, Hubspot has it covered. Their migration is one of the smoothest I have seen. Their migration team will automatically migrate your existing website onto the COS platform

Their migration team will automatically migrate your existing website onto the COS platform and convert your current website to the system. Total hassle fee.


Is Hubspot the best option for your Business website?

This is a difficult question to answer without knowing the needs of the business. The worst thing about Hubspot is its price. I think is a bit overprices, it offers loads of goodness but a bit pricey for small business. So, if your budget is small, you might be better looking somewhere else. In the other side, you won’t have to pay for hosting so if you subtract that to their price… it gets a bit more reasonable.

If you can afford it, Hubspot offers everything you will need to make your business successful.

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