Is WordPress suitable for your Business Website?

Many people think of WordPress as a blogging platform but in reality, it is a great CMS (Content Management System) able to be used in E-commerce or Business websites. In fact, WordPress is being used by large companies like TechCrunchThe New YorkerThe Official Star Wars BlogMTV News and more.

If you are wondering about which platform to use for your startup or business website, here are some reasons why should you consider WordPress.

# Low Cost

WordPress is open source, this means that is free to download and use on your server. It also offers loads of free themes and really useful plugins.

The only cost of running your business website with WordPress is the hosting. Here at albiesoft, we recommend wpengine, if you want to maximise your website speed.

The other cost is if you want to take WordPress to the next level and have a custom design that fits to your business branding. This cost is actually smaller than in other platforms because WordPress is the leading content management system and it spurs countless developers and agencies.

A WordPress Development Company, like albiesoft, is a good medium to start out in because its functions are clear and accurate, the coding style is extremely effective, transparent, efficient and easy to understand and the documentation is phenomenal.

# Modular Design

What does modular design mean here? What do I mean is that WordPress is designed to be modular. This makes that you can switch between different themes and the content of the website will be still the same.

This makes WordPress scale with your business needs. So you can upgrade the design or functionality when your business can afford it or need.

Also, this is what really made WordPress stand out from its competition. The use of plugins that can be used to add special functionality to your website.

# SEO Friendly

This is probably one of the most important subjects for Business Website. WordPress web development is very user and SEO friendly that help your customers to locate their need easily without traipsing here or there. This is because it is well structured and follow a simple but yet effective website sitemap tree. Also, the use of great plugins like Yoast makes SEO even easier.

The only issue that WordPress can have is a slow loading speed but this can be fixed by having a well-optimised theme and using only the needed plugins.

# Easy to Use

This is extremely important, having an easy to use CMS reduces the of training the staff to use it and it will safe time to the staff using it.

WordPress is one of the easiest CMS in the market to use.

# Developer Friendly

It is built using one of the most common and reliable programming language on the web – PHP. This means that it is easy to find Developers no the market that you will be able to get a good price on custom plugins and themes.

Also, if you have developers in your business. It is really easy to learn if you already know PHP, HTML, CSS and jQuery.

# Security

Most people think that WordPress is insecure and this is far from the reality. WordPress is one of the most secure CMS out there.

It is updated frequently. This is why is so important to update WordPress as soon as a new version is live.

Is WordPress proving to be the best choice for your online business?

We build on several platforms and we use WordPress for loads of business but we do not always recommend it. We believe that WordPress is an exceptional platform that nowadays you can build anything with it. But depending on your business you require something else.

If you are concerned about the cost of building your business website, WordPress will serve you well at the lowest cost possible.

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