Page Speed – Why is so important to optimize it in your site?

Whenever the author of a website puts it online, they hope to have a one click money making machine. The advances in web development have been purely based on attracting visitors from far and wide to the site including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), affiliate marketing, sponsored links and Google ads among other improvements. That remains one step in the process of realising sales from visits and this is where any advantage helps in beating both the competition and the recession

Page Speed

What is the page speed and why it is so important in today? It actually refers to the time a visitor have to wait until your page is completely loaded. This is one of the most important factors that can lead to bad user experience.

Slow page speeds mean that your visitors will wait longer to get the content they requested. If this takes long enough for the visitors get frustrated or lose interest could lead to a loss of revenue.

Also, Search Engines will rank you better if your speed is better than your competitors.

How to Acquire Good Page Speed

Page speed can be engineered at the design stage of a website but once completed, then you may seek the help of a hosting service to boost your page speed. At design, it can be done through things like content management, multimedia additions, mobile adaptations and dynamic design.

The speed of loading a page can vary for different reasons. The tips on acquiring great loading speed include:

  • Reduce WordPress Plugins – Too many plugins in WordPress can be hurting your page speed. These plugins can be coded poorly or badly maintain.
  • Create a Custom Theme – Premium themes are great but they normally pack with so many features that you don’t need. The best way is to create a custom theme from scratch. This will be fully optimised for your needs.
  • Gzip Compression – Be sure to check the hosting service of your choice uses Gzip compression. Gzipping reduces response time and the size of the HTTP request.
  • Enable Keep Alive – The error page that appears once you stay on a page for too long without activity requiring log-in once again can be eliminated with the use of the keep-alive function. It reduces the time taken to process subsequent log-in requests and as such ensure your hosting service keeps it in use as it is mostly optional thus ignored.
  • Browser Caching – The use of expires headers allows the website’s images to be stored in the cache for faster loading upon the next visit. The service should be keen to include this function.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) – This is a list of servers around the world that serve visitors to websites based on their location. This allows international visitors to load your site quicker with the use of servers near their location. Request your service enables this feature.
  • Minimise redirects – The number of times your website has to go to and fro from pages it had accessed or required something from should be kept to a minimum. The use of similar links either in the cache or for the resources they have should be referenced in the redirect to ensure swift changeover from one link to another.
  • Delete Queries from Static Pages – The codes and strings of query should be deleted from static resources. The time to process code that leads nowhere can result in errors for clients.
  • Specify Character Set – The character set once specified allows the website to render much faster.
  • Image Optimisations – The images should be specified in terms of their dimensions to ensure the server does not process the code for the whole page once it loads. Images can also be optimised by removing comments, colour specifications and any redundant code to allow faster rendering.
  • Putting CSS first, JS last – Cascaded Style Sheets (CSS) allow rendering of the page’s layout to be prioritised leaving the user with something to look at as the server finalises processing the JavaScript (JS) code. Ensure your hosting service has this feature.

Benefits of Good Page Speed

Some statistics to back this assertion include:

  • That Mozilla Firefox reduced average load time by 2.2 seconds and gained 15.4% downloads.
  • found that load times increasing lead to sharp declines in conversions.
  • cut load times in half and a 9% conversion rate was realised with a growth in cart contents and overall sales.

The following can be some of the benefits of reducing load times from your hosting service:

  • Opens up a world of possibilities with mobile clients who buy the fastest and have highest conversion rates.
  • Increases chances of the site getting favourable search engine rank due to the number of successful visits.
  • Attracts clients from referrals with great success and enables conversions for both website and referrals.
  • Success can be translated into SEO success with social media and blogs supporting the website.
  • Revenue from other sites advertising with you either through affiliate marketing or google ads.

Hosting Services to Consider

  • WP Engine – A WordPress optimised hosting service to push websites and blogs on the famous platform to greater page speeds and favourable search engine rankings.
  • Bluehost – This is a great avenue for websites seeking reliability and great Virtual Private Server and Dedicated server hosting. They have a host of sister companies and are flexible in terms of cost and quantity even though their quality in terms of reducing load times is not as impressive as other options.
  • SiteGround – This is a more all-around company that offers hosting for Joomla, Magento and WordPress sites with web hosting, dedicated hosting and cloud hosting among their services. Famed for their strong presence in China and the USA, they often offer great security and fair page loading speeds allied to great customer care services for changes after the fact.

Hosting services are now in a race against each other to reduce loading times for their clients so before jumping ship, talk to the service you are on and see what they offer to maximise profits and most of all, realise higher conversions.

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