Custom Theme Development

Child theme development in Wordpress means that we are using a Premium theme as parent and we create an extension theme to customise it so it fits your needs.

This is a popular option as it is a great way to have a well build site with a low cost since the core of the theme is already build. This is also a great solution when the website needs to go live quickly as it requires less time on development.

There are great marketplaces like Theme Forest where to get the parent theme. You can supply it to us or we will choose the one we think best works for your porject.

This solution is great in many cases but it has its few bad factors that you might need to consider:

  • Low loading speed: Since the parent themes are build with so many features are really heavy and slow down your site.
  • Security flaws: We won't be able to ensure that the premium theme is being updated and uses the latest standards.
  • 3rd party plugins: To add features this premium themes use some 3rd party plugins.

If you need a better optimised, fully SEO ready and more suited for your needs, at Albiesoft we recommend you to build a custom theme.