Child Theme Development

Custom theme development is the high end in Wordpress development. Custom themes are build from scratch to fit your needs. This doesn't mean that are lacking of features but that only be the ones you need. It is having your own Premium theme.

This is a popular option for people that are serious about their websites. This option will give you the best SEO performance because at Albiesoft we can optimise it to be really fast and relaible. It costs more and needs more time than a child theme but the end product will reflect it.

A custom theme is like a blank canvas, we can build anything you can imagine. Also, we build them thinking about your needs and the needs of your visitors. This allow us to build not only a great website outside but carefully thought admin areas for you in the inside.

The benefits of having a custom theme:

  • Security: We use the best standards to ensure that your web site is secure from launch.
  • Fast loading speed: Highly optimise it and we will give you the tools to keep it optimise it
  • Easy to use: We build it in a way you can easily use it and update it.
  • 3rd party plugins: We only use 3rd party plugins that we know and trust.